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Our chapter has been in existence since 1991. Our organization has been well served by leaders in the community that valued our mutual goals. Through the years we have maintainted strong leaders and talented dedicated, board members, and committee chairs making us one of the best chapters in the IFMA organization.

The Baton Rouge Chapter has grown to 60+ members. More importantly, we continue to have 30+ in attendance at our monthly meetings.

Facility managers are the stewards to insure workplace environments are safe, efficient and pleasant places in which great minds perform their best thinking. Our organization is dedicated to bring its members many benefits to enhance their professionalism. We provide a friendly environment for networking, sharing ideas, continuing education opportunities, community service and fun events throughout the year.

Our monthly programs and presentations, several of which are certified for continuing education credits, include pressing workplace issues such as indoor air quality, lighting, ergonomics, ADA & accessibility for persons with disabilities, use of integrated technology to monitor and maintain infrastructure systems, recycling programs, green building efforts and the use of e-commerce to achieve cost efficiencies in facilities.

Community Service
Throughtout the year we participate in community projects. Projects in the past have included work and fundraising for various organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, McMains Children's Development Center, the IRIS Center, and Knock-Knock Children's Museum. 

Networking Opportunites
Our chapter provides excellent networking opportunities in a friendly environment. We conduct several tours of new facilities in the community, fun functions including Crawfish Boils, an annual Christmas luncheon, and Annual Golf Classic Tournament to get to know fellow chapter members in a less formal setting. Serving on one of several committees, needing the talents and friendship of members, provides a great way to help the chapter, enhance your experinece as a member and further your career development path.

Upcoming events

On behalf of the Members and Board of Directors of IFMA Baton Rouge Chapter, thank you for visiting our website. As President, my goal is to assist in reaching our chapter’s goals of providing educational information to our professional members, networking opportunities for our associate members and serving our community for all our members. 

 Our Chapter’s focus is providing a robust educational program for professional members. A major educational benefit to members is the scholarship program.  This scholarship assists members eliminate financial barriers in reaching professional designation and educational goals. Additionally, our monthly education programs of leaders from architecture, interior design, city planning and facility leaders provide understanding of best practices and new technologies. My personal favorite way to learn has been the on-site tours.  These tours highlight innovation in design, technology and use of facilities in Baton Rouge. It has proven to be an inspiration to our members for their current facilities and future projects.   

In an age of technology, no email can substitute eye contact or a handshake. This is why we provide opportunities for industry peers and vendors to network. Balancing professional and associate members’ goals is important. Building peer to peer relationships provides a support network for industry professionals. Additionally, our associate members are able to build trust with the facility managers they serve. A few of our opportunities include: networking before monthly lunches, an annual golf tournament and other educational and social events for building relationships and brand awareness.  Our chapter understands the importance of our associate members and the value they bring to our members and industry.

Generosity and leadership are in no short supply with our membership.  It is the driving force for our community involvement and includes offering pro-bono services to financial donations, student experience and fundraising drives.  As a chapter we provide opportunities to not-for-profits to share their experience and information about their facilities. Our members provide opportunities for students to gain experience in facility management and through their donations assist the chapter’s giving yearly.

Let me leave you with this thought, continued growth is determined by innovation not repetition.  The board’s dedication and success with providing the best education and networking opportunities is a major reason for my optimism.  My challenge to any current, past or potential members is to bring your talent and experience to this chapter. Your insights and ideas to better educate and engage our membership are encouraged.


Matthew Edwards

President, IFMA Baton Rouge Chapter



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